24 Tips for traveling in Italy

24 Tips for traveling in Italy

Italy is such a beautiful country that missing it in your world tour will leave you unsatisfied. Its landscape countryside scenes, its tremendous wine, and its awesome food make it worthy enough to pay a visit. The landscapes are plenty and unique in nature like the vineyards of Florence, the ancient streets of Rome, the relaxed natural scenes of Southern Italy and above all the romantic atmosphere of Venice. There are so many places to visit in Italy that one trip to Italy is not sufficient. Here are 24 tips for traveling in Italy!

  • Avoiding Third Party Booking Websites and Companies

It is best to avoid third party booking websites when you can book directly on a concerned official website. Third party websites charge you a lot of money just for a reservation which you can do on your own at very low prices. For the places like museums, you can check the official websites on the internet.

24 Tips for traveling in Italy

  • Making the Most Use of High-Speed Trains

The high-speed trains in Italy are very comfortable and reliable; therefore, it is better to make use of them instead of private travels which will cost you a lot of money. It only takes one and a half hour to move from Florence to Venice or from Florence to Rome. There are different ways to purchase a ticket; you can either book a ticket online or you can get it from a local agent.

  • Do Not Ever Let Anyone Touch Your Luggage

Most gypsies at the airports and other stations take your luggage even when denied in order to get a tip. This is alright if you are willing to spare few bucks for a tip. But if you are not willing, do not let these gypsies touch your luggage. This is a scam.

  • Make Yourself Prepared to Drag Your Luggage down the Cobblestone Streets

There are many narrow places in Italy where a cab cannot go. Therefore, if you think you are not able to carry your bag on your own then you should rethink about the things you packed. Also, you won’t find elevators at many places and you will have to carry your luggage by navigating some random steps.

  • Getting up Early Once in a While

All the famous cities of Italy remain crowded with tourists all day long. If you want to have a different view of the city, consider getting up early in the morning. In the morning many places offer a uniquely different view without the hoards of tourists. Different monuments remain as they actually are.

  • Always Carry Cash

There are many places in Italy which won’t let you use credit or debit card for small purchases. In a similar way, there are many restaurants which don’t split the bill. In these conditions, you must have some cash with you.

  • Your Bank affiliations in Italy

Search if your bank has any affiliation with the banks of Italy. If yes, you can save a lot of money on transactions. It is the best way to evade service charges.

  • Leave Valuables at Home

If you are wearing flashy jewelry during your travels, it means you are inviting someone to rob you. Obviously, if you going to attend some party or a formal get together, you can put your jewelry on. But, if you are visiting different places, it is better to keep your jewelry hidden.

  • Exchange Your Money via Debit Card

It is better to exchange your money via debit card to get euros. This way you will ensure the protection of your money as well as you will get the best exchange rate. You can also save a lot of money by exploring multiple products and by getting coupons on Groupon.

  • Avoid Signing Petition against Drugs

Do not sign any petition against drugs, it is a scam. It is a way to get your e-mail at first and then sell it.

  • Limit the Amount of Skin You Show

Italians usually don’t show much of their skin. Considering practical reasons, going to a church with much of your skin exposed isn’t considered a good thing.

  • Visit Roman Forum First Instead of Colosseum
    At Colosseum there is always a big line of tourists to purchase tickets but at Forum there is hardly a line ever. You can visit the Forum first and buy your ticket there. When you have purchased your ticket at the Forum you can skip the line of Colosseum because you already have a ticket.

24 Tips for traveling in Italy

  • Sneak into St. Peter’s Basilica

If you do not want to wait for three hours to enter and you are not on the tour guide list either, there are different ways to sneak in. Just sneak in and if somebody asks, tell him you are on a guided tour.

  • Visiting Vatican Museum at Night

Almost all the visitors visit Vatican Museum at daytime. It is worth visiting the museum at night because it gives a different view. You can also reserve your booking on the museum’s website.

  • Don’t Have Much Time, Skip the Vatican Museum Line

If you don’t have a pass to enter the Vatican Museum and you do not want to waste three hours of your precious time then you can skip the line by purchasing a ticket at a double price. You will find many shabby looking persons who will sell passes at double prices. Also, there are many companies who reserve passes. You can contact these companies and get a pass at double price.

  • Drinking Water from Fountain

There are fountains throughout the city which sprinkle fresh drinking water. The water is supplied with the aid of ancient aqueducts which are spread throughout the city. The water is clean and delicious and you can drink it for free.

  • Aperitivo instead of dinner

Every once in a while you can prefer Aperitivo instead of dinner. You will have to pay 7 to 10 euros for a drink and you will get a complimentary buffet. The buffet contains many foods which will be new for you and you will also save some money.

  • Try New Foods in Florence

You many find cow’s stomach and chicken’s liver gross but Florentine think of these as delicious edibles. You can try these new foods and make your own perspective whether these foods are delicious at all.

  • Invest in the Florence Pass/Firenze Card

You can invest in the Florence’s Firenze Card for your own ease. By this card, you will be able to skip lines at different places and it will save you a lot of money. Apart from money and time, it will also save you from a lot of frustration which one feels when waiting in a line.

  • Walk Everywhere

The streets of Florence, as well as other cities of Italy, are so narrow sometimes that a cab won’t be able to pass. In these streets, many visitors often forget the way and are lost. It happens most of the time but why not accept it and get lost willingly. It gives a lot of fun if you are with your friends.

  • Spend the Night in Florence

Many visitors come to Florence in the day and go back to either Rome or other cities of Italy at night because they find the atmosphere of Florence eerie. Florence may look unusual at night but staying in Florence at night is fun.

  • Bringing an Umbrella in summer

Many places in Italy like Roman Forum have zero shade. Bring your umbrella with you when visiting these places.

  • Eating Away From Major Attractions

Most of the tourists are attracted towards the famous hotels and restaurants which charge a lot. You can find many places which provide quality food in different parts of Italy. These places have the advantage of not being crowded. You can have your meal in a relaxed environment at the same time saving a lot of money.

  • Calling a Taxi
    You want to go somewhere; you will have to call a taxi. You can’t just flag them down.

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